In today’s e-commerce world, it’s essential to provide quick, reliable shipping to your customers. Shopify Shipping makes it easier for merchants to fulfill orders and save money on shipping costs. Here’s a breakdown of the features and cost savings that come with Shopify Shipping.

Features of Shopify Shipping

  • Buy shipping labels in Shopify
  • Print multiple labels at once
  • Get orders out the door quickly

Cost Savings

Shopify Shipping allows merchants to save up to 88% on shipping costs in the U.S. and send products around the world with confidence.


Shopify Shipping is a great way to save time and money on your shipping costs. With features like the ability to buy and print labels quickly, it’s easy to see why merchants are turning to Shopify Shipping. With up to 88% savings on shipping in the U.S. and reliable shipping around the world, you can get your products to customers quickly and cost-effectively.