No, Shopify is not blocked in China. However, most Shopify websites perform poorly in the country because Shopify does not have any Shopify CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) or servers in mainland China.

Why Shopify Performs Poorly in China

The primary reason for Shopify websites performing poorly in China is the lack of Shopify CDN or servers located in mainland China. This means that sites hosted on Shopify have to rely on servers outside of the country, which can result in slower loading times and reduced performance.

Another reason for the poor performance is that the Chinese government has strict regulations on the types of content that can be accessed by its citizens. This means that certain content may be blocked or censored, which could affect the performance of Shopify websites.

Will Shopify Improve in China?

Yes, Shopify has announced plans to improve their performance in China by the end of 2022. The company is currently in the process of setting up Shopify CDN and servers in mainland China, which should help to improve the performance of Shopify websites in the country.

In addition, Shopify is also working on improving their content delivery system, as well as improving their security measures to ensure that all content is compliant with Chinese regulations.


Shopify is not currently blocked in China, however, its performance is currently lacking due to the lack of Shopify CDN and servers in mainland China. However, Shopify is taking steps to improve its performance in the country by the end of 2022, which should result in improved performance for Shopify websites in China.