When it comes to selling products online, you have a few options. Two of the most popular are Shopify and Etsy. But which one is cheaper?


Etsy is generally the cheaper option. You don’t have to pay any upfront costs, and the listing fees are relatively low. You only pay a fee when you make a sale, which typically ranges from 3.5% to 5%.


Shopify is generally more expensive than Etsy. You will need to pay upfront costs, such as a monthly subscription fee and transaction fees. However, you will have access to more features and tools than you would on Etsy.


Service Upfront Costs Listing Fees Transaction Fees
Etsy None 3.5-5% 3.5-5%
Shopify Monthly Subscription None 0.5-2%

Overall, Etsy is the cheaper option for selling products online. However, if you need access to more features and tools, Shopify is the better option.

Last updated: 5 Jan 2023.