Blind dropshipping is a type of dropshipping method that allows merchants to ship orders directly from the manufacturer to the customer without revealing the supplier’s name or identity. This way, the customer assumes that the product they purchased came directly from the merchant.

Advantages of Blind Dropshipping

Blind dropshipping offers a variety of advantages for merchants and customers alike. Here are some of the benefits of using blind dropshipping:

  • Maintains Brand Image: By keeping the supplier’s name and identity anonymous, merchants can maintain their own brand image and reputation.

  • Reduces Shipping Costs: Blind dropshipping eliminates the need for merchants to store inventory and ship orders, resulting in lower shipping costs.

  • More Flexibility: Merchants can easily switch suppliers if they need to without having to worry about their customers noticing a difference.

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction: Customers don’t have to worry about dealing with multiple shipping companies and can get their orders faster.

How Blind Dropshipping Works

The process of blind dropshipping is fairly straightforward. Here’s an overview of the steps involved:

  1. The merchant selects a supplier and places an order.

  2. The supplier ships the order directly to the customer, without revealing the supplier’s name or identity.

  3. The customer receives the order and assumes that it came directly from the merchant.


Blind dropshipping is a great way for merchants to save money and maintain their brand image. It also offers customers faster delivery times and increased satisfaction. With its numerous benefits, blind dropshipping is an increasingly popular option for merchants looking for a cost-effective way to ship their products.