Are you getting a lot of traffic to your Shopify store but not seeing any sales? It may be due to one or more of the following:

On-Page Issues

On-page issues can be a major factor in why your Shopify store isn’t selling. These issues could include:

  • Unclear call-to-action - If customers don’t know what to do when they visit your store, they may not take the desired action.

  • Hard-to-use navigation - If users can’t find what they are looking for, they may not stick around.

  • Sloppy visual branding - If your store looks unprofessional, customers may not trust you enough to buy from you.

  • Technical issues - If your store is slow or not working properly, customers may not stay long enough to make a purchase.

Cart Abandonment

Another possible reason why your Shopify store isn’t selling is cart abandonment. If users are adding items to their cart but not checking out, the issue may be with the price of your products or shipping rates. You may need to adjust your prices or offer free shipping to encourage customers to complete their purchases.


If your Shopify store isn’t selling, it could be due to on-page issues like an unclear call-to-action, hard-to-use navigation, sloppy visual branding, or technical issues. It could also be due to cart abandonment, which could be caused by pricing or shipping rate issues. By addressing these issues, you can start to see more sales in your Shopify store.